Head of Customer Care

Specific Location
Barratt David Wilson North West, 303 Bridgewater Place, Birchwood Park, Warrington, WA3 6XF

North West

Hours of Work
0900hrs to 17.30hrs Monday to Friday

Barratt David Wilson

Contract Type

Closing Date
29 June 2018

Head of Customer Care

The Customer Care team, making sure home buyers receive the very best care following their home buying experience.


Being in a customer-facing role with us is a little bit different than most businesses. Our customers expect their homes to be of the highest standard, and you’ll make sure they are, by being on hand with answers and practical help. Because of the things you’ll be dealing with we look, ideally, for construction or building experience. More importantly than that though, is your passion for quality and professionalism. 

You’ll champion customer care within the division – and across the business. Thanks to you, everyone within the business and our external contractors will understand the importance of superb customer service – and deliver it. You’ll work with internal teams to address customer issues and raise standards, making sure everyone understands their role in the customer journey and how to comply with customer care policies. You’ll strive to raise customer service standards across the business. And you’ll personally talk to our customers; gathering feedback on their experience and checking for yourself that customers aren’t just satisfied, but delighted.

We have high standards. But you’ll be keen to exceed them. As a customer service specialist who’s ideally worked in the housebuilding industry, you’ll know how to manage budgets, control costs and interpret data. Above all, you’ll appreciate the commercial benefits great service brings, and have the knowledge and passion to inspire others.

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