Business Operations Manager, MedAccess

Team: Operations

Location: London, UK

Employment Type: Permanent

Salary: Competitive

Closing Date: 29 April 2019

Business Operations Manager, MedAccess



MedAccess is the first of its kind: a UK-based social finance company with the pioneering mission to make global healthcare markets work for everyone.

MedAccess offers volume guarantees that reduce commercial risk for manufacturers in developing-world markets and thereby enable them to lower their pricing and invest more aggressively in rolling out important new products. In this way, vaccines, medicines, diagnostic tests and medical devices can reach patients far sooner than existing market forces would allow.

MedAccess is the world’s first sustainable financing vehicle built to deliver volume guarantees with speed, scale and professionalism. MedAccess was founded with initial capital of $200 million and a mandate to deliver vastly improved health outcomes for patients in the poorest corners of the globe while preserving and reusing capital to maximise impact. Fuelled by not-for-profit capital rather than aid, we are uniquely able to apply business and investment methods to achieve humanitarian objectives.

At MedAccess we believe that patients in the poorest corners of the globe deserve health outcomes no worse than patients in the wealthiest countries. To achieve this vision, markets must serve all patients equitably, offering rapid and sustainable access to the best possible technologies. Yet in today’s world, real and perceived risks in bringing critical new healthcare technologies to places like Africa and South Asia consistently produce chicken-and-egg dynamics that hinder access to critical products.

MedAccess is a not-for-profit UK company governed by an independent board. MedAccess’ parent company, CDC Group, is the world’s oldest development finance institution (DFI), with 70 years of experience investing in businesses in Africa and Asia. It is wholly owned by the UK Government’s Department for International Development (DFID) and plays a key role in DFID’s private sector strategy to alleviate poverty.

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The Business Operations Manager is an exciting role with a recently formed social finance company.  As MedAccess grows rapidly in the coming years, the Business Operations Manager will ensure it operates as a high performing organisation in line with its strategic objectives and values.

The role involves significant responsibility and is broad in scope, encompassing the ability to influence the future direction of the organisation and to manage key corporate functions including treasury, accounting and finance and risk management.

Depending on the specific background of the successful candidate, the role will also contribute to the following areas: legal and contract administration, corporate secretarial and compliance, business integrity risk, ESG, HR, transaction support, facilities management, procurement, information management, tax administration, branding and communications, IT and the negotiation of key contracts. 

The role will therefore require a versatile candidate with a broad professional skill base and good judgement.  The purpose of role is to ensure smooth and effective operations and will involve the development of policies and procedures, ensuring compliance with applicable law and regulation, and contribution to the development of a high performing team culture.

The position reports to the General Counsel & Chief Operations Officer. 


Key Responsibilities


  • Lead delivery of the Business Plan adopted by the Board and help implement strategy, including impact ambitions, growth targets, market positioning, pipeline process, organisational capacity, operating expenditure budget and forecasts.
  • Contribute to the development of a high-performing team culture, participation in the provision of regular, open and honest feedback to all staff.
  • Develop the corporate and functional capacity of the organization.
  • Ensure corporate objectives are delivered within budget.
  • Implement financial controls, liaise with CDC Finance Group, Opex Budget/Actual Variance reporting, liaise with CDC Tax Department, manage VAT returns implementation and invoicing.
  • Help lead the development of the MedAccess team through participation in the evaluation and recruitment of staff, implementation and administration of the long-term incentive scheme.
  • Help manage shareholder relations including liaison with key CDC corporate departments and the management of services agreement with CDC including monitoring procurement of external services.
  • Identify, negotiate with and retain external consultants on favourable terms for the Company.
  • Manage panel of external law firms and consultants to assist MedAccess.
  • Maintenance and drafting of MedAccess’ Quarterly Management Report and Risk Matrix as a corporate management tools including reports to the Board.
  • Develop US corporate structure.
  • Manage and further develop key policies in all areas of corporate activity and establish strong systems of control for budgeting, expenditure, and audit.
  • Advise on the migration away from CDC business systems and replace with effective and tailored alternatives.
  • Develop a successful document management structure, reflecting and implementing the record retention policy.
  • Develop the effective production of high quality, brand compliant contracts, correspondence and other external facing documents.
  • Ensure all meetings of the Board, Audit Committee, Remuneration Committee, and the Project Investment Committee are held on time, with high quality papers distributed well in advance, with accurate and efficient minutes agreed.
  • Ensure compliance with the Company’s constitution, all laws and contractual obligations including CDC Services Agreement.
  • Liaise with internal auditor and external auditor and respond to audit questions.
  • Administer treasury function including $100m investment account managed by PIMCO with HSBC as Custodian including liaison with both institutions and with the CDC Treasury Group.
  • Management of adequate financial controls and systems including delegations of authority, and payment approval processes.
  • Ensure compliance with Business Integrity and ESG standards in co-ordination with relevant departments at CDC.
  • Development of document tools and templates for use by the Company in documentation and reporting processes.




  • At least 8 years of experience developing and managing operations of an established or growing company from a financial, accounting, and administrative background.
  • Experience of risk & compliance, financial analysis, P&L management and reporting, cash management, tax and insurance are considered desirable.
  • Further experience in procurement, legal, contracting, corporate secretarial, branding and communications, facilities management, incentivisation schemes, data protection, CRM and change management would also be beneficial.
  • Proven track record of operational management including identifying issues and mitigating risks preferably gained in a private sector financial services organisation or a public sector or development finance organisation with a relevant profile.
  • Experience working in complex, global environments with an ability to manage and influence diverse sets of stakeholders coupled with experience of start-ups or growth businesses and change management, right-sizing and aligning corporate and organisational structures to strategic objectives.
  • A track record of providing first class support to executive and senior leadership teams in financial services, healthcare or other relevant sectors and motivated working within high performance environments and working with all levels of staff to support the delivery of business change and transformation.
  • Good analytical skills alongside process transformation and project management expertise.
  • Strong drafting and word processing skills and excel modelling skills are considered a bonus.
  • A relevant professional qualification. Relevant Master’s degree such as Masters of Business Administration (MBA) would be desirable but not essential.
  • Knowledge of global health programs and markets including experience of engagement with Ministries of Health and global health implementing organizations and partners is desirable but not essential. Similarly, familiarity with large global funders such as Global Fund, GAVI, the World Bank, bilateral donors, and philanthropic foundations would be helpful but not essential.
  • Demonstrable alignment with MedAccess mandate, mission and values.


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Role opened: 29/03/2019

Role closes: 29/04/2019

Salary: Competitive

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