Summer Intern, Debt Team (3 positions available)

Team: Investment

Location: London, UK

Employment Type: Intern

Salary: £47,055 pro rata

Closing Date: 28 January 2018

Summer Intern, Debt Team (3 positions available)

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to support the building of businesses throughout Africa and South Asia, to create jobs and make a lasting difference to people’s lives in some of the world’s poorest places.
  • We aim to invest in countries where we can have the greatest impact. In countries where the private sector is weak and jobs are scarce.
  • We invest in sectors where growth leads to jobs – both directly and indirectly. In sectors such as manufacturing, agribusiness, infrastructure, financial institutions, construction, health and education. Last year, the businesses we invest in created more than a million jobs. 
  • We are successful because we are a high quality investment organisation, using the best commercial skills and judgement to make investments in great companies and support them to grow over the long term.  We therefore want to attract people with these skills but who are motivated to use them to dramatically improve the private sector in Africa and South Asia
  • For further information, please visit our website


The Role

The Debt team provides capital across Africa and South Asia in the form of senior loans, mezzanine financing, securities and risk participations, both directly and through funds.

  • The intern’s primary role is to support the senior members of the Debt team.
  • This will include assisting with:
  • Undertaking research within specific sectors and countries in line with our investment mandate
  • Evaluating new investment proposals or potential target businesses, including conducting financial analysis and financial modelling, etc.
  • Monitoring the investment portfolio
  • Maintaining deal pipeline, filtering potential opportunities to submit for review
  • Preparing presentation materials for investment committees





  • Undertaking research into regions, countries and specific sectors, creating sector maps on an ad-hoc basis.
  • Undertaking research in to specific businesses or projects and assessing funding viability
  • Keeping up to date with market developments, monitoring factors that can affect markets, and considering how these might affect the pipeline and portfolio companies
  • Monitoring the financial news and updating the DSF team of material information in the target countries, sector and companies


Evaluation of new investment proposals

  • Updating the CDC Group Framework (database) on a regular basis
  • Initial filtering of investment proposals for deals that fit within CDC’s developmental and investment mandate
  • Analysing financial information relating to specific companies
  • Building or analysing financial models and conducting sensitivity analysis
  • Assisting with reports to be presented to investment committee for approval and participating in the meetings
  • Assisting with the due diligence on a specific company, sector, and country


Portfolio Monitoring

  • Assisting the deal teams in the day-to-day relationship management with investee companies
  • Preparing periodic reviews of investee companies’ financial and strategic performance, including compliance with CDC’s Environment and Social Responsibility requirements


The Candidate



  • MBA student or equivalent with proven interest in development and sustainability issues
  • Demonstrible business experience in an international environment, including exposure to emerging market finance
  • Experience within private equity and/or investment banking is desirable
  • Demonstration of identity with CDC’s proposition including:
    • An awareness of and appreciation for CDC’s objectives, outside of personal motivations and strongly motivated by these aims
    • Some evidence of these values is useful (E.g., volunteering, career changes due to changing motivations)
    • An appreciation of what CDC is doing and a real desire and passion to be part of the next phase of development that CDC embarked upon in 2011/2012
    • History of working with 'best in class' employers in their respective fields
    • Appropriate periods with each previous employer and explicable career moves
    • An understanding of the remuneration and its structure, with the trade-offs it requires


Technical Skills

  • Rigorous approach to due diligence and deal selection process
  • Analytical, research and valuation skills, including the ability to analyse company financial statements, sector data, economics and relevant political events
  • Report writing and advanced knowledge of Excel
  • Some knowledge of relevant markets and sectors
  • Basic commercial insight into the challenges and issues that businesses face
  • Understanding of debt and equity investments and the challenges/issues involved with a type of investment
  • Understanding of emerging market environments
  • Strong written and oral presentation skills
  • Ability to analyse data, draw conclusions and present ideas


Personal Skills

  • Communication: Strong written/verbal communication skills to effectively carry out role
  • Team Working: Collaboration with own team and the larger employee community
  • Results Focus: Drive to achieve objectives/results
  • Personal Effectiveness: Organising self/teams to meet agreed deadlines
  • Influencing/Persuading: Ability to obtain agreement and cooperation in a ‘win-win’ fashion


CDC Identities

  • We look for candidates who share our culture and reflect our identity, the CDC identities are described as follows:
  • Compassion is central to everything we do
  • We owe our clients and prospective clients a fast and thoughtful process
  • We accept the tough challenges inherent in our mission
  • We are quick and non-defensive when things go wrong
  • We oppose bureaucracy
  • We never forget that we are investing and spending tax payers’ money
  • We promote a fulfilling work environment


Application Process:

  • Please provide a covering letter
  • Please apply for a maximum of two Summer Internships, clearly stating your preference in your covering letter
  • The closing date for applications will be 28 January 2018
  • Salary: £47,055 pro–rated over 10 weeks
  • Please note that CDC will not be able to provide relocation costs
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