Security Operations Analyst, Chester, UK

Business Unit: Technology

Location: Chester - Head Office

Contract Type: Permanent/Full Time

Closing Date: 13 July 2018

Security Operations Analyst, Chester, UK

The Information Security Team

Are accountable for GBG’s Information Security, Security Architecture, Security Compliance, Security Awareness, Security Operations and Information Risk mitigation.

The Role (Vision)

The security operations consultant is responsible for supporting the Cyber Security Operations Manager and overseeing GBG Cyber Security Operations activity.

What you’ll do (Objectives)

  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of the IT security industry including awareness of new or revised security solutions, and the development of new cyber-attacks and threat vectors
  • Review and analyse logs, interpret the implications of problem activity, and prepare regular detailed analysis and management reports with recommendations for improvement
  • You will have a responsibility for the identification, investigation, and resolution of security breaches
  • Support day to day vulnerability scanning, security testing, threat monitoring, data loss and leakage prevention, security event monitoring, incident management
  • Provide support to facilitate security testing activities, routine pen testing schedules, phishing testing, red team exercises
  • Provide regular statistics and information to support service and management reviews
  • To raise awareness of security operations services to peers and business stakeholders, provide training to IT resolver teams (where needed)
  • Proactive and stay up to date with security threat landscape – provide security advisory and situational awareness briefings to stakeholders
  • To support the upkeep of security risk register, identification of incident themes and areas for improvement
  • To ensure working processes align to ISO27001, company policy and regulatory demands
  • Create high trust working relationships with peers and interested parties both inside and external to the company
  • Monitor Threat Intelligence solutions and ensure data relating to the Organisation is current
  • Using SIEM and security tools to monitor the security posture of the environment and identify anomalous activity and behaviours

How you’ll deliver it (Strategies)

  • These will be determined by you, in collaboration with your manager, and you’ll update them regularly to keep your contribution relevant as we evolve. 

To help you be successful, we’re looking for

This role may require travel and working from multiple sites / locations. Willing and able to travel to participate in meetings, workshops, and other related activities.


  • Experience in security incident response including assessment of security events, providing advanced technical guidance and leading incidents. Ability to interpret logs and events in a timely manner
  • Experience in developing, documenting and maintaining security procedures
  • Experience of User Entity Behaviour Analytics (EUBA) services, such as Darktrace and security threat intelligence services like Digital Shadows or comparable equivalent
  • Experience of security operations activities to support PCI:DSS and internal and external audits against ISO 27001/27002 relating to security operations
  • Experience of configuring and working with SIEM systems / other security toolsets,
  • Knowledge of Data Protection and its role within a business
  • In depth knowledge of technical security systems, security architecture, security technology, and associated penetration testing and Security Event Management methodologies
  • In depth knowledge of advanced security analysis including the cyber kill chain, malware analysis, memory and file system analysis, and attack vectors
  • Appreciation of the potential impact of security events and ability to prioritise them
  • Knowledge of technical infrastructure networks, databases and systems


  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills to enable effective security incident and problem resolution
  • Good team-oriented interpersonal skills, with the ability to interface effectively with a broad range of people and roles, including vendors and IT-business personnel and to comprehend business imperatives
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Must have the ability to work independently and take initiative


  • Hold at least one of the following: CISM, CISSP, CISA
  • IT related degree or equivalent experience
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