Software Engineer, Mersin, Turkey

Business Unit: Technology

Location: Turkey

Contract Type: Permanent/Full Time

Closing Date: 28 February 2019

Software Engineer, Mersin, Turkey

The Team…

IEOS, IDScan Enterprise Onboarding Suite Team create and maintain IDscan’s enterprise grade software system which can be provided as a SaaS solution or installed on premises to power small and large enterprises to onboard their customers using IDScan technology, it sits on the top of IDscan lower level products (IDScan Document Expert System IDES, IDScan FaceMatch IDFM, ... etc) and adds many functions such as web integration, UI (native and web), DB persistence, auditing, integration and much more.


The Role…

As member in IEOS V1 team you will be responsible for executing and developing your tasks in the team as less leadership required as possible. Understanding the stories, tasks and translating them into the best practices source code.
As our team aspires to build on the success of our leading products and wants it to be on the forefront in ID management, we want to expand our team with experienced and passionate developers to share with us the journey to fulfil this goal. You will work in a practical and cutting edge technology and see how it makes positive impact to people and businesses.


What you will do…

Product: Ensures our products are developed by the most effective technical approaches in the goal of satisfying their commercialized features and maintaining high internal robustness.
Quality: Ensures the best development practices are respected (adopt, advertise, document and train).
People: Collaborates with other senior software engineers in the team to make important technical decisions and to solve challenging and impacting problems. Technically supports less experienced team members to overcome blocking development issues.
Knowledge: Plays an important role in building and maintaining up-to-date a development knowledge base covering software architecture, development environment, practices and issues.
Process: Actively participates in establishing a clear and efficient development process.


To enable you to be successful, we are looking for…


  • Confirmed development experience for businesses. Contributions to public and open source projects will be appreciated, also 4 years of experience with modern C# and OOP will be a plus.
  • Proven experience developing and implementing applications, particularly web-enabled applications using C#, ASP.NET, HTML5, ASP.NET web forms, MVC, WPF, Web API, Razor, SQL and No SQL…
  • Solid academic and/or professional background in software engineering and software design.
  • Capacity to design and implement complex object-oriented patterns, public interfaces and architectural patterns
  • Wide knowledge in development environments and infrastructures, including IDE, CI systems, Version Control and Security Principals. etc.


  • Peer Relations:
    • Represent relationships based on mutual respect, appreciation, and liking
    • Expressing always positive actions to the others who are expressing their feelings and situations
  • Keeping up with Tech:
    • Rank the resources in order of usefulness to you
    • Make or allow the time to use the resources
    • Use a great feed reader
  • Timely decision making:
    • Makes decisions in a timely manner, sometimes with incomplete information and under tight deadlines and pressure
    • Can make quick decisions when the situation merits
  • Functional / Technical Skills:
    • Has and uses the required functional and technical knowledge and skills to do his or her job at a high level of accomplishment
    • Chooses appropriate tools or technology for tasks; experiments with new processes, tools, or technologies to determine applicability
    • Provides opportunities for others to supervise technical skills and concepts.


  • Enjoy writing tests and documentation.
  • Experience with Database Administration.
  • Practical experience with
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