Sessional GPs

Location: Head Office - Ashford, Kent

Contract Type: Sessional

Closing Date: 28 August 2019

Salary: Competitive

Specific Hours: Various hours

Sessional GPs

The Role 

Integrated Care 24 Ltd (IC24) provides out of hours primary care to populations in Surrey, Sussex, Kent, Essex and Norfolk.  If you are a General Practitioner then we would be interested to hear from you!

We have a range of sessional shifts available covering the out-of-hours period – weekday evenings, Bank Holidays, overnight and throughout weekends. Roles are varied and include working at our bases seeing patients face-to-face, carrying out home visits to those in need or triaging patients over the telephone.

We are also developing the Clinical Assessment Services (CAS) across our localities which is facilitating greater integration between the 111 service and out-of-hours clinicians. New roles are emerging in this area including GP-consultant roles which see GPs providing oversight and advice to their out-of-hours colleagues.

Out-of-hours primary care allows you to concentrate on the acute medical presentations of your patients and leave aside some of the usual administrative demands of in-hours primary care. So if you are looking to invigorate your passion for medicine and hone your acute medical skills then you should definitely consider out-of-hours work. Other advantages include team-working with front-line clinicians, variable shift times to suit different lifestyles and competitive hourly rates.

Who are we? 

Integrated Care 24 Ltd (IC24) is a major not for profit Social Enterprise providing innovative and wide ranging patient focused primary care services designed to deliver quality and affordability. IC24 is committed to improving access to health and social care for our patients and reducing the demand on secondary care services. IC24 provides services to over 6 million patients, including GP led out of hours’ services, NHS 111, primary care and secondary care support services as well as health and justice nursing services.

For more information please contact us on the following details or apply below:

Kent - - 01233 504061 / 07814 286308

Surrey & Sussex - - 01233 504672 / 01233 504677

Essex - - 03333 200006

Norfolk - - 01473 275973

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