Business Rules Analyst

Store Support Centre - London

Competitive plus benefits

Permanent - Full Time

03 August 2017

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Business Rules Analyst

In a nutshell

Sainsbury’s is a data rich business – with information collected from consumers, suppliers and colleagues.  We believe that there is huge value in these data in driving value for our customers and, in turn, value for our shareholders.

This role will, in a nutshell, work with stakeholders to facilitate the definition, agreement and ongoing management of business rules through appropriate associated process, standard and principles.

The role will create alignment and clarity across the business and involve working across a mix of traditional RDBMS, Big Data, Digital and new open source platforms with a range of tools and technologies.

The fundamental principle is that data is a corporate asset and, as such, we need to manage and govern it in a way which creates value from that asset.

What I need to do

  • Help implement right target operating model to enable best practice business rules and meta data management
  • Have the flexibility to work in a standard approach as well as supporting rapid discovery, prototyping and data science, that can subsequently be turned into production solutions
  • Be part of a team that implements an approach to how data ownership and stewardship will best work within the organisation and create a great relationship with stakeholders
  • Help implement business rules and meta data management processes, principles and standards
  • Create and manage artefacts
  • Use agreed toolsets for documentation and ongoing management
  • Develop and utilise your existing network outside and/or within the organisation to share, learn, develop new and enhance existing capabilities
  • Help communicate agreed operating model with colleagues and stakeholders across the business
  • Define and document business rules and meta data
  • Support the implementation and roll out  of a new data dictionary capability and toolset
  • Balance time between core strategic capability development and rapid, value add
  • Help evolve our strategic single customer view capabilities across the group
  • Undertake root cause analysis and address real and perceived issues with business rules and meta data
  • Facilitate the appropriate business ownership and stewardship of data throughout its lifecycle
  • Ensure that you work as a pro-active members of matrix delivery teams
  • Prioritise and manage your time to deliver tasks

How I will succeed

  • Developing a great relationship with owners, stewards, peers and D&T (IT)
  • Be a great communicator and advocate of the benefits of aligned business rules and well managed meta data
  • Have the ability to manage stakeholders, create alignment and broker solutions
  • Bring groups of people together from across the organisation to create alignment and clarity
  • Being focussed on driving value back into the business through pro-active governance
  • Be seen to be a ‘can-do’ enabler for the user community
  • Be a subject matter expert of all things business rules and meta data across traditional, open source, digital and cloud based environments

What I need to know

  • Clearly a strong knowledge of the tools, technologies, skills and processes required to deliver a complex and complete capability
  • Good understanding of design and development of data stores, digital solutions and data warehouses and associated toolsets.
  • How to implement appropriate ownership and stewardship
  • Data and information management lifecycles
  • Good knowledge and use of data management and governance toolsets, methodologies and process
  • A strong understanding of how to capture business rules effectively and efficiently and convert them to technical specifications
  • An understanding and experience of working in a mix of delivery methodologies including Agile, Scrum and Waterfall
  • A broad understanding of the applications of data from reporting through to data science

What I need to show

  • Previous use of enterprise Data Dictionary and meta data toolsets and repositories
  • The ability to influence stakeholders through great communication and relationship development skills
  • The ability to bring a group of people together, facilitate workshops, identify and drive through clear ownership and action
  • Strong technical data management skills
  • The passion, drive and commitment to succeed in a fast-moving, highly pressured environment
  • Pro-active, self-starter attitude

Resources available to me

  • People – working in an appropriately sized and skilled team (approx. 5)
  • Toolsets – Industry leading business and meta data toolsets
  • A wholly engaged business – keen to have ‘data sorted’ and equally keen to help
  • The access to appropriate third party resources
  • A strong in flight programme of toolset implementation

What decisions I can make

  • Prioritising time and tasks
  • How to deliver
  • How pro-active you are in driving successful outcomes
  • Approach to stakeholder management


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