Chief Engineer

Store Support Centre - London

Competitive plus benefits

Permanent - Full Time

28 July 2017

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28 July 2017

Chief Engineer

In a nutshell

We are looking for a talented Chief Engineer to help build great apps and services in the Sainsbury’s Digital Team. You will work closely with Software Engineers and Designers across multiple platforms and technologies to create a beautiful application ecosystem that is consistent, highly usable, reliable and performant.

What I need to do

  • Be capable of writing excellent code adhering to coding and commenting standards while following best practice
  • Be capable of taking a test driven and behaviour driven development approach when writing code (use TDD and BDD) and instil to others in the team
  • Work collaboratively and be an active contributor to continuous improvement within a team providing honest and open feedback based on your experience
  • Own and actively contribute to the execution of our Digital & Technology strategy
  • Shape platform architecture and instil to other engineers why we practice DevOps
  • Take the lead in architecting systems and applications
  • Design and implement smart ways of storing and displaying complex data
  • Mentor and coach other engineers
  • Lead and put in place remote and automated deployment of new code in a continuous delivery model fit for high paced and reactive delivery of requirements
  • Bridge the gap and between development and architecture
  • Be seen as the technical authority within the organisation for all things open source
  • Having insight into emerging technologies and how best we might use them
  • Able to fill the role of a Technical Architect when needed
  • Provides leadership and sets technical strategic direction for D&T
  • Leads, guides and enforces best practice in all facets of engineering excellence including enforcing and setting out non-functional criteria for all delivered software
  • Works alongside Heads of Development responsible for the technical strategic roadmap
  • Creates and facilitates communities of practice
  • Provides strategic context coaching and defines curriculum for those wanting to progress to Principal Software Engineer and above (non-management roles)
  • Recognised thought leader in their field presenting at various conferences and events
  • Facilitates architecture decisions across the organisation

How I will succeed

  • Show that you have an excellent understanding for a number of technical skills, attitudes and behaviours instilling to others
  • Proactively seek opportunities to share your knowledge and abilities
  • Lead and contribute across D&T from a technical perspective
  • Build technical communities of excellence

What I need to know

  • Demonstrable experience of new technologies and know when it’s appropriate to use them
  • Advanced understanding and experience of using various tools such as JIRA, Confluence and GitHub
  • Advanced understanding and experience of Object Oriented programming and its advantages and disadvantages in large scale applications
  • Advanced understanding and experience of Unit testing (including mocking and behavioural testing) and Continuous Integration
  • Advanced understanding and experience of Version control systems such as GIT and Continuous Integration pipelines and why we use them
  • Advanced understanding and experience of Relational and non-relational databases and when to use them
  • Advanced understanding and experience of Service oriented architecture and the benefits of taking a micro services approach to development
  • Advanced understanding and experience of framework agnostic development, knowing when to use frameworks and when not to
  • Advanced understanding and experience of caching (both at application and platform level), why and when to use caching
  • Experience in leading technical teams
  • Advanced understanding and experience in programming skills with a proven strong background with multiple languages such as Go, Node.js, Java, Scala, JavaScript (server side and client side) and PHP
  • Advanced understanding and experience of database administration across a number of SQL and noSQL database technologies
  • Advanced understanding and experience of administrating linux servers, configuration of traffic routing, web servers (apache, nginx, etc) and other DevOps type responsibilities
  • Advanced understanding and experience of developing for multiple devices including desktop PC, tablet and mobile using responsive designs and techniques
  • Advanced understanding and experience with Cloud infrastructure and services, preferably with an excellent understanding of Amazon Web Services
  • Cross domain expert who is able to solve complex and critical issues

What I need to show

  • Communication and Influencing:
  • Demonstrates exceptional political skills
  • Analytical Thinking:
  • Shares and distils problem solving within wider community, knowledge shares
  • Aptitude to Learn:
  • Engages with domains outside their own to better understand them in order to converse
  • Team Work:
  • Creates org-wide value by pulling together different parts of organisation
  • Leadership and Mentoring:
  • Creates viable succession plans
  • Commitment and Planning:
  • Sets broad or complex plans

Resources available to me

  • Line manager providing on-going support through 121’s and SMART objectives
  • Agile coach providing on-going support in terms of Agile ways of working
  • Wider development community sharing knowledge and support

What decisions I can make

  • Lead on decisions regarding technology choices across D&T
  • Shape the technical landscape using your experience
  • Leads on architectural decisions across D&T


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