Wellbeing Practitioner

Location: Craigmillar (SOT)

Contract Type: Permanent - Full Time, Permanent - Part Time

Closing Date: 07 June 2021

Salary: Starting salary £9.30 per hour (£18,860.40 per annum (pro-rata))

Specific Hours: 1 x 39 / 2 x 20 Per Week

Wellbeing Practitioner

 Job Description

  1. Job Details

Job Title

Wellbeing Practitioner


Line Manager

Thistle Coach




Starting salary £18,860.40 FTE

Rising to £21,111.48 FTE


Supported Living


Director of H&W



Thistle Foundation, 13 Queens Walk, Edinburgh, EH16 4EA



Full-time & part-time



39 hours


  1. Job Purpose

To assist those we support to lead full, active and socially connected lives and support people to reach their personal outcomes.

Thistle Wellbeing Practitioners work in small teams to support people who are living with long-term health conditions and disabilities. Teams are self organised and work to a set of key principles and a common operational framework. When supporting people teams strive to develop work practices underpinned by a common set of person centred behaviours collectively described as the Thistle Approach. Teams are supported by Thistle Coaches and the Thistle Hub, and are accountable to managers via the four key principles and operational framework


  1. Main Responsibilities


Person centred support planning, delivery and review.


Working alongside and communicating with family, friends, guardians and other health and social care professionals who are involved with and important to the supported person.


Working alongside, communicating with and connecting the person with informal supports.


Supporting people to play active and meaningful roles within their families and communities.


Registering with Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) and achieve qualification for registration.


Engaging in regular Continuous Professional Development as required by SSSC Codes of Practice.


Working to the key principles and operational framework.


Planning and scheduling rota, holidays, training, team/coaching meetings, and reflective practice.


Completing and updating appropriate records in relevant recording systems.


Planning and attending coaching meetings and reflective practice.


Monitoring and reviewing individual and team performance and deciding on and implementing actions for continuous improvement.


Recording and reporting any concerns in relation to any adult that may be at risk of harm.


  1. Team Member Roles

The post holder is required to work to Thistle’s core competencies in ways which are relevant to their role.

Core Roles (performed by all team members)

  • Registered Wellbeing Practitioner: providing support for people in accordance with the Thistle Approach, life or professional experience, SSSC Codes of Practice and qualifications. 
  • Team Player: sharing responsibility for the success of the team, supporting and challenging collectively and individually if necessary.

Rotational Tasks (distributed across team members and rotated regularly)

  • Quality monitor: maintains my life my support plan, carries out reviews, audits finance, medication, communication records and accidents/incidents. 
  • Recruiter: recruits new staff in line with team establishment model, plans induction, advises and coaches new team members and carries out probationary review. 
  • Developer: identifies team training needs, plans required training, organises and facilitates reflective practice, maintains contact with coach and organises team coaching meetings.
  • Planner: rota management, checks and authorises payroll and billing information, and links with Thistle Hub. Ensures hours are delivered against contract. 
  • Wellbeing: emotional support for team, team social events, support around sickness absence and other required external support such as counselling. 
  • Communicator: communicates with family, other professionals and Thistle contacts, convenes and chairs team meetings. 
  • Linker: provides link between supported people and works on more than one rota. Number of linkers must make sense for supported people and is agreed by the person, team and family. 


  1. Key Principles

The following four key principles describe what Thistle teams will achieve in practice:

  • Delivery of person centred, strengths-based support that focuses on what matters to people
  • Achievement of financial sustainability 
  • Facilitation of wellbeing and fun 
  • Engagement of people we support, families and volunteers


    6. Supported Living Operational Framework


Teams must develop and continually review a live person centred support plan with people and families they are supporting. Reviews are recorded every 6 months using the review tool.


Teams are responsible for working to National Care Standards, SSSC Codes of Practice and the Thistle Approach. They must engage in regular learning to keep skills and knowledge updated.  


Teams must produce and record in the system a quarterly rota that can be flexed to suit the needs of the supported person.  All shifts, on-call arrangements must be covered by someone who knows the person well. Training, meetings and rotational tasks must be covered by the rota.


Maximum size of team is 12 staff and should not exceed this number.


80% of team member’s time is spent working directly with the person/people they support and 20% is spent on other tasks and activities e.g. rota planning, training, annual leave etc.


Teams must engage in collective decision making using action-oriented decision making.


Teams must engage with their Thistle Coach.


All tasks and responsibilities must be covered all of the time, distributed across team members and rotated regularly.


Teams must plan, organise and attend team meetings, coaching meetings and reflective practice meetings regularly.


Teams must use the team establishment tool for ensuring they are appropriately resourced up to a minimum of 95% of the overall establishment.


Teams must use Thistle quality monitoring and evaluation systems including the quality matters process and outcome navigator tools.


Team members must provide each other with constructive feedback via regular intervision based on the Thistle Approach and using tools provided. 


We are looking for a Wellbeing Practitioner to join an existing team to support a lively young man who receives 24/7 support from Thistle. He is full of energy and life and needs someone similar to help him through his day. This position is either 1 x 39 hours or 2 x 20 hours per week.

The gentleman has autism and secondary delay syndrome. He is non verbal and will need support with all aspects of personal care. A driving license would be preferable but is not necessary.

  • He leads a busy, full, life of scheduled activities which are in place to help him progress in his life, and maintain his home. Many of these activities include working and being in close contact with animals, so an interest in this is desirable as it is a big part of his life.
  • His team are expected to actively participate in some sporting activities he enjoys, which include cycling and trampolines. Household duties and personal care are also part of the daily routine, which you would be expected to help and encourage him to complete.
  • Sometimes, certain events can present a very difficult time for this young man. These can cause him to become upset and requires the utmost attention and diligence of his PA’s, working together to help him through these times and keep him safe.
  • This is an extremely fun, rewarding and challenging role. Prospective candidates require a good sense of humour, patience, resilience, understanding, willingness, excellent communication skills, ability to plan ahead and also think on their feet. The young man has his own car, so a driving licence is preferable to the role.

You would be joining an existing team who work closely together to ensure he leads the best quality of life possible. We achieve this by meeting regularly where we discuss and agree, with the young man and his family, how best we can help him keep progressing in a positive direction.

Shifts are to be discussed at interview. Please note that these can include a sleepover. We are looking for someone with flexibility and willingness to work occasional weekends.

If you would like an informal chat about this vacancy please contact Paul Gardner on 07910 892 050 or Paul.Gardner@thistle.org.uk 

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