Financial Planning Consultant

Department: Financial Planning

Location: Cheltenham

Closing Date: 17 December 2019

Financial Planning Consultant


Reports to: Managing Director, Crowe Financial Planning UK Limited



The role of the Financial Planning Consultant is to provide financial planning advice to clients and prospects of the firm in accordance with the Processes and Procedures of Crowe Financial

Planning UK Limited (hereafter Crowe FPUK) and in adherence to the regulations as set out by the Financial

Conduct Authority (FCA).


Main Duties

Responsible for an annual revenue target in order to validate your role/headcount and to ensure that the role is commercially viable for the firm. The revenue target is reviewed on an annual basis.


1 Building & Developing Client Services:

(i) Demonstrate creativity

(ii) Meet client expectations in accordance with the firm’s terms of engagement

(iii) Meet agreed client service objectives within timescales and budgets

(iv) Identify & implement effective financial planning strategies & employee benefits solutions

(v) Ensure client relationships are managed and conducted in accordance with the principles of

Treating Customers Fairly (TCF)


2 Planning & Control:

(i) Manage the client review process and ensure that all clients are met and serviced in accordance with the services schedule as set out in their terms of engagement

(ii) Report directly, and in a timely manner, to allocated office Manager and to Managing Director

(iii) Effectively build, control and manage a portfolio of clients within the parameters as set by the Managing Director and Senior Management

(iv) Control clients’ revenue streams through effective and timely billing


3 Solving Technical Problems and Technical Excellence:

(i) Conduct technical, product and client research

(ii) Communicate technical solutions to internal & external clients

(iii) Produce well-structured reports and letters, adhering to the firm’s Sales Processes and Procedures


4 Understanding Clients’ Needs:

(i) Ensure that all advice is based upon an understanding of clients’ aspirations, attitudes and objectives, all of which are to be recorded (and updated) on the firm’s Client Confidential

Questionnaire (CCQ)

(ii) Identify & implement changes where required

(iii) Ensure an understanding of each client’s understanding of, and attitude to, investment risk, using the appointed risk profiling questionnaire and ‘soft’ questioning skills

(iv) Seek to obtain referrals & introductions from internal sources & external clients


5 Managing for Profit:

(i) Ensure that all client work is completed within the compliance framework

(ii) Make balanced & timely decisions

(iii) Know when to seek senior input

(iv) Use resources efficiently

(v) Ensure that work is undertaken on a commercial basis

(vi) Achieve and exceed annual revenue targets


6 Training & Development

(i) Work towards developing services that anticipate client needs as a result of market or legislative changes

(ii) Take personal responsibility and ownership of own T&C scheme

(iii) Be prepared to extend knowledge and skills through professional qualifications in accordance with the minimum standards as set out by the firm and the regulator

(iv) Meet business growth targets

(v) Work in partnership with Crowe UK LLP Strategic Sector Groups

(vi) Maintain professional status through ongoing recording of CPD and annual renewal of Statement of Professional Standing (SPS)


7 Managing & developing client, team, internal & external relationships

(i) Develop sustainable client relationships

(ii) Be a positive team member who seeks out and initiates new client relationships

(iii) Take on new challenges

(iv) Self-motivated

(v) Work with team members to ensure Financial Planning is effectively represented within the office

(vi) Act as an ambassador for the firm at all times


8 Networking, Marketing & Business Development

(i) Identify new business opportunities

(ii) Produce & undertake one to one or group presentations

(iii) Identify opportunities for all the firm’s services by working closely with Strategic Sector Groups

(SSG’s) including Private Clients, Not for Profit and Professional Practices





Communication - The ability to speak and write accurately and coherently in order to be understood clearly by others and using appropriate vocabulary, grammar and style.


Initiative The willingness to move things forward by taking action without needing to be asked and without undue escalation.


Business Awareness – An understanding of the processes and issues relevant to one’s job. This ranges from job knowledge to an appreciation of complex internal and external business issues/trends.


Technical / Professional Knowledge – The ability and motivation to apply and develop one’s own professional and technical knowledge and to share this expertise with others.


Customer Orientation – The ability to recognise both internal and external customers and the willingness to co-operate with them fully in order to help them achieve their objectives.


Creativity The ability and willingness to generate new ideas and to recognise and build on those of others.


Achievement Orientation The determination to set oneself and meet high standards, exceeding norms and expectations.


Organising Work / Project Management - The ability to marshal and manage resources (people, funding, materials and support) to achieve a project or task, manage one’s own time efficiently and handle multiple activities in parallel to accomplish the goals.



Chartered or Certified Financial Planner qualifications are preferable and the firm actively encourages ALL personnel to achieve this within Crowe FPUK.

The position is full time, based in the Crowe FPUK Cheltenham office or as reasonably required according to the needs of the business.

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